Griffith reaps more than $1.1 million in federal funding for 2019 New Colombo Plan projects

Griffith University has received $1,196,250 in funding from the Federal Government as part of the New Colombo Plan 2019 Mobility Round.

From January next year, 224 Griffith students will undertake 20 projects across 14 countries around the Asia-Pacific.

Griffith’s projects — which include four collaborations as part of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) consortium — will see students from the university working in Cambodia, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, the Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

“Griffith has a long and proud history of engaging in the Asia-Pacific,” Professor Sarah Todd, Vice President (Global) said.

“The 2019 New Colombo Plan mobility projects provides opportunities for Australian students studying a diverse range of academic programs to travel and experience the Asia-Pacific region.

“Exchanges like these are a perfect chance for our students to gain new perspectives, broaden their worldviews and relationships, and ensure they leave their degrees armed with knowledge and skills you can only gain through undertaking such valuable and unique experiences.”

Since its establishment in 2014, the New Colombo Plan has grown to accommodate more than 11,500 students from 40 universities around Australia in 2019.

The $46.5 million in total funding for the 2019 Mobility Round will be split between 792 projects in more than 30 countries, running through June 2022.

Griffith University New Colombo Plan 2019 Mobility Round projects:

  • Strengthening social work in Cambodia
  • Global Mobility Business Internship to China
  • China Experience
  • Human Resources Management Principles, Fiji
  • Trimester-based design immersion in Hong Kong and Greater China
  • Journalism Storytelling Internship, India
  • Global Mobility Business Internship to Indonesia
  • Trimester + Internship, Japan
  • Japan, Malaysia or China Honours Thesis Research Project
  • Accelerated language study to maximise internship experiences, Japan
  • Understanding the South Pacific: Power, politics and the eclipse of Empire
  • Australia and New Caledonia Indigenous arts cross-cultural exchange
  • Newcrest Mining and Griffith School of Engineering and Built Environment Research Internship Project
  • Industry Affiliates Program Scholarship — Korea University
  • Global Mobility Business Internship to Korea
  • Griffith Sri Lanka Studio (Five Mile Radius — Ahangama Design Project)
  • Griffith Health students in Thailand
  • Thailand Study Tour: Sex, Drugs, Violence and Imprisonment
  • IRU: Semester Exchange in Asia
  • IRU: Health Students in Vietnam