On Monday 18 June, a group of representatives from Sri Lanka’s tourism sector began their post-course workshop to conclude an Australia Awards Short Course on Sustainable Tourism Development.

This third and final component of the Short Course will run for five days and is designed to develop the participants’ capacity to deliver various services for, and within, Sri Lanka’s tourism sector.

The Short Course participants hold various positions in Sri Lanka’s tourism sector, including senior officials from the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, under the Ministry of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs. CEO’s, directors and managers of reputed tourism institutions in the country are also participants — including the CEO of the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management.

This Australia Awards Short Course for South and West Asia is funded by theDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade(DFAT).

Australia Awardsare prestigious international Scholarships, Fellowships and Short Courses that offer the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake short-term study, research and professional development opportunities in support of key development and foreign affairs priorities.

The course was delivered through Griffith University’s International Business Development Unit in coordination with Griffith University’s Insititute for Tourism(GIFT) and theUniversity of the Sunshine Coast(USC).

With a pre-course workshop held in February 2018 and an Australian study tour taking place in March, the participants are attending the final component of the Short Course this week with enhanced understanding and capabilities related to their work in the tourism sector.

Participants have been working on their Return to Work Plans whilst on this third component of the course. Return to Worl Plans are structured activity plans developed by Australia Awards Short Course recipients to describe how they will apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to a specific project or set of activities.

Aligning with the core focus of the Sri Lanka Tourism Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020, the Short Course was developed to help build and better distribute the economic benefits of Sri Lanka’s tourism sector by providing key teachings to industry professionals.

It is expected that through the Short Course learnings and experiences, representatives will take their newfound knowledge of tourism management and coordination to further enhance Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, including boosting employment opportunities for the country.

Australia Awards Short Course opportunities like this are designed to build valuable people-to-people links both within Australia and within the Indo-Pacific region, enabling mid-career professionals and emerging leaders to tap into Australian expertise, gaining valuable skills and knowledge.

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Australia Awards in South and West Asia is implemented by Scope Global on behalf of the Australian Government.