Griffith couple a perfect fit for fitness success

Griffith alumni and Body Science owners Greg and Sheree Young.

Greg and Sheree Young started their Body Science health and nutrition brand in a suburban garage. From such humble beginnings, the rise to what today is a multi-million-dollar company is testament to staying true to one’s dreams and values.

Partners in life and business, Griffith University graduates Greg and Sheree established Body Science in 1999. The Gold Coast-based company now employs 40 staff under the guidance of Greg as Product and Marketing Director and Sheree as General Manager and Chief Financial Officer.

“Customers know they can put their faith in our brand,” says Sheree. “Our health is one of the most valuable things we have, and people know they can’t just put that in the hands of anyone.

“Our products are always something special. They have integrity and are what they say they are. We formulate products that we believe in, and that provides true results.”

Sheree completed a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at Griffith University in 1990, and spent the early years of her career in Chartered Accounting. Greg completed a Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) at Griffith in 2002.

Their connection to Griffith doesn’t end there. Body Science sponsors the University’s Women’s Rugby 7s and is currently assisting a PhD student using its compression garments in the area of musculoskeletal research. Their eldest daughter is now also a student at Griffith.

Greg says Body Science was established to fill a market niche for innovative and effective health and nutritional supplements. It is based on a philosophy strongly focused on results and ethics.

He says the ultimate shift in perception on sports nutrition came in 2002 when Body Science changed the concept that elite football teams needed a “beer and pie” after a game. This helped it transform from a bodybuilding brand to a brand for both elite athletes and the general public.

“Regardless of what others are doing, we are committed to setting new standards for the industry,” says Greg.

“The realm of sports, health and fitness is continually evolving and we are committed to staying abreast of new technology, new research and new ingredients to offer customers the best health and fitness solutions.

“No longer just a brand for high level athletes or bodybuilders, our sporting associations provide elite level feedback and research mechanisms that enable us to provide the best performance products for all users today.”

Sheree says running a business is both challenging and rewarding.

“Anyone who manages a business will admit that it can be hard work,” she says.

“However, it is amazing to see the results of that work come to fruition and, in the case of Body Science, to be part of something that has such a positive influence.

“From seeing top athletes wearing Body Science compression garments, sponsoring winning national and international sporting teams, through to hearing stories of people who have transformed their health and fitness, it’s a great feeling.

“Body Science truly encourages people to be fit, happy and healthy, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of that.”

And their advice for future entrepreneurs?

“My key advice is to go in with a solid plan, but be prepared for that plan to change at any given moment,” says Sheree.

“You can’t enter into something blind and expect to land in the right place. You need to create avision and establish actionable ways to achieve your goals.”