Despite not having higher education qualifications, a 30-year career across a wide range of business endeavours reaped dividends for Kate Crouch.

And she wants other mature age students to know that it is possible to gain entry to a Griffith University postgraduate degree without undergraduate qualifications.

“I had started a Bachelor of Business degree before a ‘eureka moment’ arrived through a casual conversation with one of my lecturers.

“It was a pleasant shock when my lecturer told me my work history enabled me to apply for a postgraduate degree.” Kate said.

The mother of three became the proud holder of both a Griffith Graduate Certificate in Marketing and a Master of Marketing two years on.

Kate’s 30 year business career began when she owned a gym in the early 1980’s before working in a slew of business-related positions from catering to marketing and training at Deloitte.A significant part of her career was spent in marketing and eventsin Sydney and Brisbane.

The skills she developed in the workplace demonstrated leadership and business acumen and were all she needed to successfully apply for the Graduate Certificate.

“I highlighted my event management experience at Brisbane State High School as well as the ownership of two successful businesses which I started and managed.

“To top it off, the credits I earned while doing my Graduate Certificate were transferred to my Masters which meant I graduatedwith two degrees.”

Kate credits her Griffith Business School lecturers for helping her through the early part of her return to study.

Experience counts

“I had no idea how my working background could help me in my study progression and it is ok to admit I felt a little bit inferior when I began my postgrad degrees because I didn’t have an undergraduate background.”

“My lecturersand friends were brilliant and helpful in guiding me through and making me feel like I belonged despite not having studied for more than 30 years.”

Now working as anEventsConsultant at legal firm MinterEllison, Kate admits her Masters degree has made her a much better employee.

“The confidence in my own ability andrefined skills through my Griffith degrees have enhanced my working life,” she said.

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