Urban experts band together to launch new podcast

When trying to make sense of all around us and how we interact with our urban environment, six heads are better than one.

Joining forces to launch a new podcast platform The Urban Broadcast Collective (UBC) the gathering of the sharpest urban studies minds will look at a range of topics from city shaping to policy-making and to ways to improve everyday living.

Griffith University urban and environmental planner Dr Tony Matthews is one of the architects of the podcast collective which covers aspects of urban living Australia-wide.

Dr Tony Matthews

“The UBC is the creation of a dynamic group of ‘podademics’ from universities across the nation. There is no singular focus within our collective as it looks at issues facing communities from Hobart to Perth and all centres in between,” Dr Matthews said.


Joining Dr Matthews behind the microphone are Associate Professor Paul Maginn (University of Western Australia), Dr Dallas Rogers (University of Sydney), Dr Elizabeth Taylor (RMIT), Professor Jason Byrne (University of Tasmania) and Griffith’s Dr Natalie Osborne.

Conceived at the 2017 State of Australian cities Conference, the UBC seeks to inform, educate and provoke discussion and debate about issues facing urban societies today and in the future.

“Our audience is everyone. From academics to the homeowner all asking the question of whether we can improve our urban living whether he be through improved transport networks or more parks for the kids to play,” Dr Taylor said.

The UBC is home to six individual podcast programs including:

  • City Road Podcast/SoundMinds radio (Rogers)
  • The Urban Squeeze (Matthews and Byrne)
  • Radio Reversal (Osborne)
  • This Must be the Place (Taylor)
  • The SubUrbanista Podcast (Maginn)

    Dr Natalie Osborne who specialises in emotional geographies

“We will be adding new shows from other ‘podademics’ from around the world over the coming year”, Associate professor Maginn said.

The first instalment of podcasts are online now on Soundcloud – or Apple Podcasts.

You can follow the UBC on Twitter (@urbanpodcasts) where you will find links.