Jacqui has the good oil on health with Cobram Estate

Jacqui Plozza, on stage holding plaque, accepts the Healthiest EVOO Award for Cobram Estate, presented by international chef Maria Loi
Jacqui Plozza accepts an award on behalf of Cobram Estate, presented by international chef Maria Loi

Jacqui Plozza started her career as a medical scientist, but a burning desire to study nutrition and dietetics led to the career she has today.

As the Nutrition Strategy and Education Manager at Cobram Estate, Jacqui is developing, executing, monitoring and evaluating a robust, multi-faceted health education strategy and program to key health professionals across Australia.

She is also at the forefront of key food policy and regulation issues relevant to the Australian olive oil industry.

Jacqui says her medical science degree has been a great addition to her new career focus: “I always had an interest in nutrition and dietetics as I grew up.”

“My family was living and breathing the human side of a chronic health condition because both my dad and sister have type 1 diabetes.

“Although it’s an autoimmune condition and not caused by lifestyle, healthy lifestyle choices are an important part of managing it.”

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Monash University and working for four years as a medical scientist, Jacqui started a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics (Public Health) at Griffith University in 2008.

“My science degree is a great mix to have with dietetics and gave me a solid foundation, but ultimately I wanted to work with people and not test tubes,” she says.

“Griffith was the only university I applied to because of its reputation. It was very supportive and provided practical skills that you can apply in a real environment setting.”

Jacqui worked in the healthcare industry before landing her dream job at award-winning olive oil company, Cobram Estate, in March last year.

“I had never worked in the food industry before, so this role has opened my eyes to the importance of the industry, especially being across the research in the field and communicating it to health professionals,” she says.

“Cobram Estate is leading the way in the Australian olive oil industry and its focus on educating the public about the health benefits of olive oil made me want to be a part of it.”