Leading international and local scholars will come together in January for a conference that will cast an analytical eye on the rise of China and its impact on global politics.

TitledDebating China and International Order, the two-day conference will be held from 17-18 January at the Royal on the Park Hotel, and is the first Griffith University event to be supported by the US-basedJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundationas part of a grant issued in 2016.

It will be hosted byProfessor Kai He (ARC Future Fellow, Griffith Asia Institute and Centre for Governance and Public Policy) andDr Huiyun Feng (School of Government and International Relations), with a welcoming address by Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Ned Pankhurst.

Dr Huiyun Feng and Professor Kai He

The conference will take the form of a bilateral dialogue/debate, canvassing a diversity of thematic topics around China’s rise and its changing role in the international order.

Academics from America, China and Australia will take part in the discourse, with the end result being an edited volume being released through a leading publisher.

“This conference aims to provide an intellectual platform for leading scholars to debate and exchange views on various challenges to the current international order as well as the dynamic roles of China and the United States,” Professor He said.

“Through scholarly dialogue, this conference will not only deepen our understanding of the rise of China, but also offer policy insights on the future transformation of international order and the United States in the region.”

The conference will also highlight the role of academics in influencing and educating political leaders in shaping foreign policy, and reflects Griffith’s long-standing commitment to, and focus on, the Asia-Pacific region.

“Griffith University was established with a strong focus on the Asian region as one of its founding principles, and has a central vision to be one of the most influential universities in the region through delivering outstanding scholarship and research,” Professor Pankhurst said.

“Asian politics, security and development is recognised as a key area of research excellence at Griffith, and builds on the expertise of both the Griffith Asia Institute and the Centre for Governance and Public Policy.

“Griffith University is pleased to serve as an intellectual platform to enhance mutual understanding between China and the United States as well as between China and the outside world in general.”