Additional mathematics support for Griffith College students

Griffith College
From Trimester 1, 2018, Griffith College will commence delivering a slightly modified program structure for the Diplomas of Engineering, Science and Health Sciences. These programs contain courses that require fundamental mathematics skills so the College has developed and embedded additional modules to help support students, called Essential Mathematics. The Essential Mathematics modules will be delivered […]

Indonesian officials learn about Australian fiscal policy

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
A member of both APEC and the G20, Indonesia has the largest economy in South East Asia which, since the Global Financial Crisis, has experienced strong sustained economic growth around five per cent.  With a population over 260 million, more than ten times Australia’s, Indonesia is the world’s third largest democracy. In 2017-18 Australia will […]

Revamped Tourism Dashboard boasts interactive insights for experts and discerning travellers

Business and government
The Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard, a joint project between researchers at Griffith University and the University of Surrey, has received a major face-lift, enabling it to better inform researchers and travellers with interactive insights about destinations around the world. Launched in January following the declaration of 2017 as the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, the […]

Bird expert tweeting to the world on bird feeding

Architecture, construction and planning
As Australia reveals its bird of the year, Griffith University’s resident bird expert has shed light on the other issue the country is always torn on – feeding them. Professor Darryl Jones, of the Environmental Futures Research Institute, has released the first ever book on a topic that almost everyone has tried. Hailed as the […]