Griffith Racing Team unveils new car to hit the track

A new and improved Griffith Racing Team car will hit this year’s competition with plans to be better than ever.

The Griffith Engineering students have been busy taking on judges’ feedback to create their new vehicle for the Formula SAE contest.

Student James Foster said they went back to the drawing board for the new design, while reusing old parts.

“We try to think outside the box but above all it has to work,” he said.

The team are tested both statically and on the track, judged on areas including endurance, acceleration and efficiency.

Major milestones for the Griffith Racing Team have included first place in acceleration, a third in endurance over a 22km run, and sixth in efficiency, even though it was up against a host of electric-powered cars.

This year they have built in a 70 per cent lighter suspension and carbon fibre steering wheel with custom hand grips for added driver comfort.

Technical officer Geoff Turner said the team were great ambassadors for the school.

“What they have achieved in a short space of time is amazing,” he said.

The team is looking for more students from other schools to help in areas of marketing and business.

Two current students have already got jobs in their chosen fields – Reece Schmith at Mineral Technologies and Sean Lowndes at PWR Performance Products.

Former member Jack Anderson also works at PWR Performance Products and Jason Sheering is working for Nissan Motorsport, both employed straight after graduating.