Social impact key for MBA scholarship winner

Mahommed Tilly is the 2017 recipient of the QBM Griffith MBA Responsible Leadership Scholarship.

Mahommed Tilly strives to provide positive social and financial outcomes for Aboriginal Australians.

As the Investment Manager for Indigenous Business Australia, he makes decisions creating value for Australian communities.

While he’s long wanted to undertake a Master of Business Administration, between work, family and financial commitments, he simply couldn’t take the next step – until now.

Mahommed is the winner of the 2017 QBM Griffith MBA Responsible Leadership scholarship, valued at $51,000.

“I’m very excited,” he said. “It’s the best award I’ve ever received and opens a wonderful opportunity for me. I couldn’t be happier.”

The Griffith MBA core values align with Mohammed’s vision in his current role.

Miriam Carter

“Firstly, responsible leadership gives me the tools to deal with my internal team as well as engage more effectively with stakeholders and clients,” he explained.

“Sustainability enables me to learn about ways in which our investments can be tailored towards opportunities that can provide a sustainable future for Indigenous Australians.

“The Asia-Pacific leg is, for me, an avenue to learn from what our neighbours have done and apply those lessons within an Australian context.”

He said working to create value for Indigenous Australians is incredibly satisfying and the reason he enjoys his job so much.

It’s similar to the sentiment expressed by runner-up Miriam Carter, the exhibitions and education co-ordinator at Kickarts Contemporary Arts.

“Working in the arts I implement soft diplomacy, regional self-determination and enterprise in cultural tourism to share our significant stories on a global stage,” she said.

“Enabling artists and cultural leaders to achieve these goals is highly rewarding as it not only benefits individuals but also promotes community inclusivity, livability and regional economic growth.”

Miriam said the MBA will enable her to further develop skills to gain increased investment for micro-businesses and community programs within the arts that “deliver high returns for our greater society.”

The job of selecting winners from an outstanding pool of entries was not an easy one for judges.

Associate Professor Chris Fleming, Griffith MBA Director said: “After a very tough decision-making process, the judges agreed that Mahommed and Miriam were best able to demonstrate their understanding of the Griffith MBA core values and how these values could be applied to their professional development — to the benefit of themselves, their organisations and (most importantly) to the benefit of the communities in which they operate. I am delighted to award these scholarships to such strong candidates.”

Natalie Gregg, editor of Queensland Business Monthly said the scholarships were an incredible opportunity for ambitious, talented business leaders to take their career to the next level.

“Queensland Business Monthly celebrates success in state’s corporate sector, and this year’s recipients are an important part of that narrative,” she said.

“A big congratulations to the winner Mahommed Tilly, and runner-up Miriam Carter, whose work has a strong business focus but also makes a meaningful social impact.”

Professor David Grant, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business), said both Mahommed and Miriam truly embodied the values of the Griffith MBA.

“We have every confidence they will go on to succeed in the program, then take that knowledge and make a difference in their work and communities as socially responsible leaders.”