Calling all PhD and doctoral alumni

Dr Susan Ressia

Research and engagement are the driving forces behind a bold campaign by Griffith University to reconnect with all its higher degree research (HDR) graduates.

PhD and doctoral alumni are being encouraged to complete an online survey that project leader, Professor Sue Berners-Price, says will provide invaluable information and guidance.

“We want to ensure that the research training provided at Griffith effectively equips graduates with the skills and resources needed for their future careers,” says Professor Berners-Price, Dean of the Griffith Graduate Research School.

“Also, in striving to make our research training the best it can be, being able to provide HDR candidates with accurate information about career pathways achieved by HDR alumni is extremely important.

“Finally, we are eager to reconnect with all our PhD and doctoral graduates because they comprise such an important and valued cohort at Griffith University. The more we can connect with, the better.”

Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Ned Pankhurst encouraged HDR alumni to participate in the survey, as well as to reconnect with each other and the University.

“We are keen to hear the stories and celebrate the achievements of our PhD and doctoral alumni since leaving Griffith University,” says Professor Pankhurst. “A project website will be created so we can share this interesting information.”

The online survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and participants will receive a complimentary one-year digital subscription to the University’s esteemed and award-winning quarterly journal, Griffith Review.

To complete the survey of PhD and doctoral alumni, click here.

To update your contact details, click here.

For further questions about the survey, please contact HDR Project Officer Ms Cynthia Pehi at [email protected]