My Mum is a Parasite Scientist. That’s RAD!

My Mum is a Parasite Scientist. That’s RAD!” is the first of a series of books which was launched during Queensland National Science Week last month.

The aim of That’s RAD! Science series is to inspire in children an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through engaging picture books written by Queensland women working in STEM areas.

This informative STEM picture book will help children learn about different kinds of parasites and about what it is like to be a parasite scientist. The book includes interesting activities, funny cartoons and pictures of cool and creepy parasites.

The That’s RAD! Science project supported the creation of a series of illustrated children’s books for children aged five to nine that showcase Queensland women in STEM and their exciting fields and careers.

At the book launch, a reading by the author and leader of this exciting project Associate Professor Katherine Andrews enthralled the students from Yarranlea Primary School.

Members of the School of Education and Professional Studies — Professor Donna Pendergast, Dr Mia O’Brien and Dr Georgina Barton — were involved as editors and connectors to Department of Education and Training and will now undertake a project with professional experience students taking the book into schools during their visits.

The three books will be distributed free to 250 Queensland schools and will focus on these themes:

  • parasites
  • amazing nanoparticles including why butterfly wing have such vivid colours and nanoparticle ‘robots’ used for environmental sensing
  • science detective (forensics) or engineering

That’s RAD Science is a Griffith University Initiative. This book was generously supported by an Advance Queensland Engaging Science grant from the Queensland Government and funding from the Australian Society for Parasitology.