My Griffith University GC2018 Internship

Rachael Saw (Human Resource Operations Intern)

What do you think being an intern is like? Do you see yourself photocopying or filing? Making coffee? Licking envelopes? Forget that. This is the most hands-on, dynamic workplace experience I have ever had in my life. HR Operations is one busy FA, and there was always something that needed doing. So being the nerd that I am, I got a kick out of all the things to get an understanding of and to be involved in. Being given the responsibility to chat with applicants, book interviews and search for candidates gave me thrills.

Due to the nature of the Commonwealth Games and the crazy amount of people that need to be recruited before Games Time, I got first-hand experience into the world of recruitment and the craziness of the employee life cycle. Within a couple of weeks, I was talking with candidates, booking and attending interviews, and doing up offers. I get such a kick out of talking with candidates, especially when they are so excited about the prospect of working for the Games.

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do before my internship. I applied to be an intern last minute for any of the positions that sounded slightly interesting. Being a marketing student, I didn’t really understand HR but was looking for any way to get out of sitting in a lecture theatre. It’s crazy to think now that I’ve come out the other side (survived) with a huge passion for recruitment.

With this new found love of recruitment and HR, I was absolutely over the moon when I was given a position to be responsible for. I got to look after the entire process myself, and was relied upon and trusted the whole way. I got to write up the job advertisement, shortlist the candidates, search the database for candidates that may be suitable. Then I got to call them to see if they were interested in being interviewed for the position, and book those interviews. From there I got to sit in on the interviews and help decided on the preferred candidate. One of the best feelings I’ve ever felt was the moment that I offered the position to that candidate. The excitement in their voice was unimaginable. There’s not that many interns that can come out saying that they had that kind of experience.

My advice to all you new or soon to be starters is to get involved! Ask for things to do, and to be included in meetings or projects. Don’t sit back and wait for things to be given to you. Take the initiative! To be given that kind of opportunity and first-hand experience is unbelievable. It sounds cliché, but it has been the best experience of my life. It’s so different to any other internship in any other corporate environment, so take advantage of it!