An overriding passion and interest in the functioning of the human body, combined with a decade of industry experience as a senior managing scientist, has established St Mary’s College Ipswich graduate, Alison White as a nationally awarded teaching professional.

The Griffith University Program Director of Clinical Physiology is looking forward to instilling her scientific enthusiasm among future Ipswich university students, during the upcoming ‘Future-proof your career, The Griffith STEM Roadshow’ to be held at Fire Station 101 on Thursday 13 July, 2017.

Through highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of its science programs, this particular roadshow will open the eyes of locals to specific science programs offered by Griffith University, which will provide an added boost to an individual’s future employment prospects.

“It’s imperative for school leavers, and those looking to advance their careers, to realise that understanding the profession in which they work, combined with real-life industry work opportunities embedded in their course of study, allows students to meet the demands of ongoing technological advancements and increases their employment opportunities post-graduation,” said Mrs White.

“To be able to enhance students’ awareness of their employability is a key driver of my teaching philosophy and to be able to spread such a message and inspire students in Ipswich City is a privilege.

“Our teaching staff at Griffith University are always seeking to create ‘work ready’ graduates. An imperative of this process is to place our students at the centre of learning, creating opportunities for each individual to grow at both personal and professional levels.”

And this is exactly what is already occurring for first year Bachelor of Marine Science student, Jordan Holdorf.

Johan Gustafson and Jordan Holdorf examine a hammerhead shark.

The 18-year-old former Boonah State High School student has entrenched herself into her studies and is also a major contributor to extra-curricular activities of the university.

“I love the ocean and have always had an interest in science so my major in Oceanography was well suited to undertaking study at the Griffith University Gold Coast campus,” said Jordan.

“So far, so good as I passed all of my first trimester subjects and have also made many new friends through being a part of STEM Squad where I got to work at World Science Festival in Brisbane, a Science and Engineering Challenge and more recently as part of the University’s major Cutting Edge for Kids showcase to grow an understanding of sciences among primary school students.

“I don’t know exactly what I want to do in the future, but I want to ensure that whatever it is I’m doing, it’s something I enjoy. I thought being someone from a small, rural town I may not fit in, but my entire university experience has been very enjoyable!”

‘Future-proof your career, The Griffith STEM Roadshow’ will take in Ipswich (Thur 13 July), Lismore (Wed 19 July), Toowoomba (Thur 20 July), Cairns (Tues 1 Aug), Rockhampton (Wed 16 Aug) and Mackay (Thur 17 Aug).

Research and teaching academics who have ties to each of the regions will be available to discuss the multitude of degree program study options available, and highlight some of the many achievements and milestones of Griffith Science students.