Dr Frances Lin, a senior lecturer of School of Nursing and Midwifery has been awarded the first visiting professorship at Peking University First Hospital (PKUFH). The visiting professorship is in recognition of Dr Frances Lin’s ongoing commitment and contribution to the Hospital’s research program development, and her efforts in promoting evidence based practice, and translating research evidence into clinical practice in China. Dr Frances Lin, in collaboration with Prof Andrea Marshall, hosted two visitor scholars (Ms Jing Li, and Ms Shuhui YU) from PKUFH on conducting translational research in 2016. Dr Lin is a key collaborator on a number of projects being conducted at the PKUFH. Ms Yanjing Ding, Director of Nursing of PKUFH, presented the certificate to Dr Frances Lin at a research seminar.

“It’s such an honor to receive this award. Peking University First Hospital is one of the best tertiary teaching hospitals in China”, said Dr Lin who also acknowledged the Griffith Asia Institute for funding the initial research grant which opened the door to the collaborative research leading to this award.

In 2014, Dr Lin was awarded a Griffith University — Peking University (PKU) collaborative research grant which aims to assist with reciprocal research exchanges and joint research. The grant provided great opportunity for Dr Frances Lin to explore collaborative research opportunities with researchers from School of Nursing, Peking University and the Peking University First Hospital. As a result, Frances and her team in PKU and PKUFH secured the Peking University Health Centre Major Nursing Projects Grant in 2016. Her team is currently conducting a project titled: Peripheral intravenous catheter routine replacement versus replacement as clinically indicated: a randomised controlled trial.

The outcomes of the 2017 grant scheme are currently being assessed and recipients will be announced shortly.