Scholarship winner driven by desire to help others

In her first year at Griffith, Azaria Bell realised she had a knack for budgeting.

It didn’t take long for fellow students to notice, and a love of helping others achieve their own financial goals was born.

Now in her second year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in financial planing, Ms Bell has been named the 2017 Stonehouse Group Scholarship recipient.

She said the recognition, worth$10,000, was a huge honour.

“The work experience will be invaluable and I’m extremely grateful to the Stonehouse Group.

“When I applied, I thought they looked like a great company who cared about their clients – the kind of company I’d want to work for one day.”

Benjamin Hancock, Senior Partner at Stonehouse Group, said they look for a student who is committed to a career in financial planning.

“We’re also looking for someone who has shown commitment academically and is performing well,” he said.

“They also need to have some other mark of differentiation or a way in which they’ve shown innovation. Azaria had created a YouTube channel which really helped to set her apart.”

The Stonehouse Group Scholarship is now in its third year.

“We recognize Griffith Business Schoolas being the preeminent provider of financial planning qualifications. We wanted to align ourselves with the brand,” Mr Hancock said.

It’s hoped this scholarship, and other opportunities provided by Griffith Business School, send a message to prospective students and the industry.

“Ifsomeone studies financial planning at Griffith University, they’ll find a curriculum that is highly informed by industry engagement, one that is likely to lead into industry positions,” said Professor David Grant, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business).

“I hope Azaria finds that the scholarship sets her up in terms of a career opportunity, whether that’s with Stonehouse or elsewhere.

“Being a recipient of this highly competitive scholarship, she will be highly regarded by her peers and among potential employers.”