Opportunities and challenges in the industrial relations sector were discussed at a meeting between Griffith Business School experts and the Shadow Minister for

Dr Rebecca Loudoun addresses the meeting

Employment and Workplace Relations, Brendan O’Connor.

Mr O’Connor said Labor was exploring ways to “remedy current industrial relations laws” by talking to employers and unions.

“It’s important we also have conversations with experts in that field and, of course, this university houses a number of experts.

“It’s been a very productive conversation today.”

A range of topics were covered at the meeting, including employment security.

“How can we fix, mitigate, improve the lot of workers who feel increasingly that their employment is precarious?”

Griffith Business School student Bianca Bell

“How do we change the fair work laws to make them better, so they work in terms of security and, at the same time, ensuring productivity? Theywere the main

topics of conversation” Mr O’Connor said afterwards.

Dr Rebecca Loudoun, who specialises in enterprise bargaining and workplace health and safety, said the meeting was a valuable one.

“It is critical for us as university scholars to share our understanding and expertise withpolicy makers,” she said.

“It is our responsibility to ensure the knowledge we discover through our research benefits society by translating our research and implanting it into public discourse.

Professor David Peetz at the meeting

Dr Loudoun said she was pleased to have that opportunity through a lively discussion with Mr O’Connor and Graham Perrett, the Federal Member for Moreton.

“We discussed challenges and opportunities for employment and the industrial relations sector in light of the recently released 2017 Budget, where the forecast

for unemployment is higher and forecasts for employment growth, wages growth and GDP growth are all lower.

“We also talked about the role of the government in safeguarding health and safety and conditions at work in this economic and political environment.”