Griffith ramps up world-first malaria vaccine campaign

Griffith University’s fight towards a cure for one of the world’s most deadly diseases is edging closer after human clinical trials of a malaria vaccine developed by the Institute for Glycomics were a success. Researchers have shown the world-first whole blood-stage malaria parasite vaccine PlasProtecT®, tested in collaboration with the Gold Coast University Hospital, is […]

Bullying and harassment in the workplace: Australian universities

Centre for Work Organisation and Wellbeing
The act of harassment and bullying is a very real and serious concern in workplaces across the country, and according to a study by members of the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing, the same can be said of staff members at Australian universities. In 2011, Professor Glenda Strachan helped conduct a survey of permanent […]

Robots: threat or friends?

Griffith Sciences
Technology superstars likeBill Gates and Elon Musk have described Artificial Intelligence as “humanity’s biggestexistential threat” with the potential to “destroy us all”. But Griffith University’s senior lecturer in ICT, Dr David Tuffley, doesn’t think we need to worry. “The reality of it is if you can your head straight with this whole idea then there’s […]