Law Futures research – finding solutions to 21st century problems

Professor Don Anton
Professor Don Anton

​Griffith University launched the Law Futures Centre at South Bank campus on Wednesday, March 22.

Acting Director and international lawyer Professor Don Anton says the centre’s researchers are already responding to 21st century challenges to law and legal institutions.

“Griffith Law School is placed in the top 50 law schools in the world and research in law is a key strength of the University,’’ he said.

“The centre will continue to leverage off these strengths and expand our research presence nationally and internationally. It will undertake interdisciplinary research responsive to domestic and global change.”​​

Two of the current nine Australian Research Council Future Fellows in law, Professor Elena Marchetti and Associate Professor Susan Harris-Rimmer, feature in the line-up of the Centre’s staff from Griffith Law School – with other academics from law, environmental sciences, international relations, business, health, criminology and humanities.

The centre’s four research programs focus on solving legal problems posed in the areas of:

  • Law, Governance and Global Change
  • Law & Nature
  • Law, Risk and Innovation
  • Lawyering, Legal Education & the Future of Law

“I look forward to the LFC meeting the most pressing emerging challenges for law and legal institutions in Australia and internationally; harnessing the law as a key tool for shaping the future,’’ Professor Anton said.