Robots: threat or friends?

Technology superstars likeBill Gates and Elon Musk have described Artificial Intelligence as “humanity’s biggestexistential threat” with the potential to “destroy us all”.

But Griffith University’s senior lecturer in ICT, Dr David Tuffley, doesn’t think we need to worry.

“The reality of it is if you can your head straight with this whole idea then there’s plenty of opportunities for people to do great things,” he said.

“Some countries like Japan are already getting quite dependent on robots to do all sorts of things.

“In the west we’re coming along pretty fast with that because there are lots of jobs that people don’t want to do. They’re either dirty, remote, or poorly paid, or for whatever reason they’re hard to get people to do, and these are the jobs robots are moving into.”

Dr Tuffley will share his insights into our future living with smart machines at a main stage event at World Science Festival Brisbane.

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