World Water Day: balancing the needs of humans and nature

We all know water is important, but have you ever thought about how our consumption of this precious resource affects the environment around us?

Leading water experts will tackle complex issues associated with a resource1.2 billion people lack access to when World Science Festival Brisbane launches next week coinciding with World Water Day.

Headshot of Professor Stuart Bunn, Director of Griffith University's Australian Rivers Institute
ARI Director Professor Stuart Bunn

Professor Stuart Bunn, director of Griffith’s Australian Rivers Institute, says ‘Water: It’s Not a Privilege‘ discussion will address important issues.

“The major challenge for science and society is to balance the water needs for humans and nature,” he said.

“How do we meet basic human needs for safe drinking water and water supply for food production – yet also ensure that aquatic ecosystems and other services they provide are protected?

“Our science is showing we cannot sustain the old ways of water management – ‘to impair then repair’.

“We need a new approach to tackle problems of water supply and quality at their source – and this is something we work on now at the Australian Rivers Institute.”

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