Budding young scientists will get to collaborate with renowned researchers at this year’s World Science Festival.

Provided as achance for Queensland Secondary Schools to jumpstart their 2017 science programs, theWorld Science Festival Apprentice Programs, coordinated by Griffith University, may even provide the impetus and inspiration towards some award winning student projects.

Held on March 22 and 24 at Nathan campus, the two-hour workshops will see Queensland secondary school students get valuable hands-on experience and take part in unique, interactive experiences, either in the field or within a laboratory setting.

Young student looks at big bubbleThe World Science Festival Apprentice Programs are small, hands-on workshops where renowned scientists, technologists and innovators educate curious minds on the workings and wonders of their chosen fields.

In small groups, participants become the scientist’s apprentice, investigating or experimenting in the field or the lab.

Students will learn to identify and understand the toxic risks to the natural environment caused by various human activities as an Ecotoxicologist’s apprentice. There are two workshops available and you can find out more here.

Join Griffith University’s freshwater scientists during fact-finding field studies, as a Freshwater Ecologist’s apprentice. Witness how cutting-edge science and natural ecosystems work together to clean and purify water without chemicals. You get to choose from three workshop options and can find out more here

Or develop essential skills that assist in solving crimes and identify missing persons or victims of disasters, as a Forensic Scientist’s apprentice. There are two workshops available and you can find out more here

Places are strictly limited to 25 participants per workshop so students should register NOW!

For further information:

Sally McPhee, STEM Outreach Manager, [email protected] or (07) 5552 7205