Three Griffith University Architecture students have presented their concepts for overlay design to be utilised throughout the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

The students presented to an audience of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) staff, including Chief Executive Officer Mark Peters, and other staff that are involved in hosting the world’s media throughout the 2018 event.

Bachelor of Architectural Design students Brianna Shaw and Ethan Crow were excited by the opportunity to share their concepts with GOLDOC.

“This has been a great learning experience for all the students involved. I was nervous presenting to a group of such important people, but it was an excellent opportunity to show what I was capable of,” Brianna said.

As part of Griffith’s Official Partnership with GC2018, Griffith students studying Architecture were given the task ofcreating concepts for temporary structures that could be utilised as part of the GC2018 Main Media Centre, specifically the retail arm of the venue.

The Main Media Centre will house hundreds of media professionals from across the globe at GC2018 and will impact the reporting of the event to millions of viewers.

Mark Peters, CEO of GOLDOC

Mark Peters, CEO of GOLDOC

GOLDOC Chief Executive Mark Peters said there wasa wide group of people shaping the delivery of GC2018 and he was impressed by the students’ innovative approach to design and their professionalism in presenting.

“This initiative shows how the partnership between Griffith University and GOLDOC is developing practical outcomes for students,” he said. “The process provides the GOLDOC overlay team with the opportunity to pass on their specialist skills and knowledge, while the students gain valuable experience in the events sector.”

RecentGriffith graduate and now GOLDOC permanent staff member David McClelland also presented his concept to GOLDOC and was grateful for the experiences he had during his studies.

“The opportunities available to Griffith students to work on the Games is amazing. My experience in developing my media centre concept, as well as undertaking other industry relevant internships, have ultimately helped me secure my first full-time employment,” David said.

Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture Alex Cohn re-iterated the importance of theseopportunities for students in preparing them for the workplace.

“It is important for students to gain a balance between workplace practice and academia throughout their studies. This exerciseconstitutes a great opportunity for students learning as much as it is a great contribution for the city and the legacy of the Games,” Adjunct Associate Professor Cohn said.