QCA students are taking their brushes and paint to Brisbane’s Baysidethis month, as part of a summer elective called TheStreet.

As part of the intensive three-week course, eight students will create a vibrant mural inside AMK Enterprises HQ at Capalaba.

AMK imports portable solar energy products used by intrepid travellers across the globe.

The 9m mural,Adventure Anywhere, features native scribbly gums and vibrant pops of colour depicting adventure activities, from camping to rock climbing and kayaking.

QCA lecturer Simon Degroot leads the course. He said the goal of The Street was to broaden the students’ art making experiences by encouraging team work and community engagement.

“These students come from a range of disciplines and experience levels,” he said.

“Taking them out of the studio can lead to a truly collaborative effort with a real outcome.”

Steep learning curve

Tackling a large-scale project to tight deadlines creates a steep learning curve for the students, who range from first years to final year graduates.

“It is an intense experience for these young artists,” Simon said.

“They have a day to brainstorm and create a design. They work with the client and then it’s time to roll up their sleeves and get to work on the painting.”

The artists come from a range of disciplines, including painting, drawing and printmaking.

Fine Arts student Maria Bourgard, 21, is studying printmaking and painting at the QCA. She couldn’t wait to transform the bare office walls into a vibrant artwork.

“This project was perfect for me,” she said.

“When I see a blank wall, I feel like I need to fill it – the world is one big canvas!

“I always used to paint on the walls of my room – something my Mum wasn’t happy about!”

Emerging artists given industry experience

Maria said the project offered practical, hands on experience as a practicing artist – from working with a real client, putting together a brief and completing work to deadline.

“It is very different to sitting in a studio, working away on your own projects,” she said.

“This has already taught me so much, and it’s great exposure for us as artists.”

Maria is a fan of street art, which brings art out of galleries and into the community.

“It is so important to bring art into the every day,” she said.

“Art isn’t just something hanging on the wall of a gallery – it should be a part of the local landscape.

“It is amazing to stand back and look at the mural and think, ‘wow, I helped create this’.”

Bringing the outdoors inside

AMK marketing officer Amanda Wood, herself a Griffith graduate, said the company jumped at the chance to have their office transformed.

“This was a great way of creating something unique for our staff and clients.” she said.

“We import portable solar energy products used by people who go camping off the grid, or trekking in Nepal.

“The mural is really inspiring – it’s a fantastic way to bring a taste of those outdoor adventures inside our office.”

In previous years, QCA artists have transformed railway precincts in Fortitude Valley and businesses across the CBD.