Prestigious Cambridge scholarships for engineering and law alumni

Two Griffith University alumni have been awarded prestigious scholarships at the University of Cambridge.

Raymond Siems has been awarded theCambridge Australia Davis McCaughey Scholarship, allowing him to commence a Masters in Engineering for Sustainable Development, while Stevie Martin has been awarded theCambridge Australia Fulton Scholarship, allowing her to commence a PhD in Legal Studies. Both started in October.

Raymond graduated with Honours from Griffith in March 2010. His says of his Masters plans, “Engineers are in a powerful position to lead the implementation of society’s sustainable aspirations at an intensely practical level. However, the traditional engineering skill set is not optimally orientated to perform in the multi-disciplinary environment in which sustainable initiatives are often born. Raymond would like to work with Dr Richard Fenner, whose water industry expertise strongly aligns with his interests and future research goals. Together, the technical learning and professional development activities will enhance Raymond’s skill set, to serve his ultimate aim of bringing sustainable water practices to rural Australian communities”.

Stevie graduated with Honours from Griffith in December 2009. Her plans for her PhD are, “Although assisted dying remains a criminal offence in most Western countries, certain countries and states in the United States have legalised forms of assisted death. Prohibiting assisted dying forces people to live a life they would end if they could and if society is going to impose such a life on a person, it is imperative that the justifications proffered are supported by empirical evidence. Stevie seeks to examine whether the existing empirical data supports the justifications given by lawyers and politicians for maintaining the blanket ban on assisted suicide in s 2(1) of the Suicide Act 1961 (UK) (‘the Act’)”.

Cambridge Australia Scholarships (CAS) provides scholarships for outstanding Australian graduates to undertake Masters and PhD studies at the University of Cambridge, England. In collaboration with The Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust, Cambridge Australia Scholarships awards up to ten PhD scholarships and a number of Masters degree half-scholarships each year; they are funded entirely by private philanthropy.