Student robotic enthusiasts from around the world gathered to take their creations into competition for the3rd Australian Robotics Challenge, hosted by Griffith University.

RixRyanQLD-5516About 200 participants took part in the impressive event, from China, Korea, the Philippines and Australia.

Hosted by Griffith University’s Robotics Lab, the event ran across three days at theGold Coast campus, where students competed in five different categories – Creative Technology, Mission Challenge, Line Tracing, Symposium and 3D Design.

The challenge aims to help students enhance their creativity and learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) education effectively through robot education and competition.

From a “panda rescue” robot demonstration to having humanoids throw dice or walk a certain distance, to dancing and doing specific missions and tasks, spectators were in awe of the capabilities of the students’ creations.

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