The safety and wellbeing of students and staff is an ongoing priority for Griffith University.

Maintaining a safe environment at the Gold Coast, Nathan, Mt Gravatt, Logan and South Bank campuses is the dedicated focus of a number of important services, measures and initiatives the University has implemented and developed.

Griffith University is an active participant in the Respect. Now. Always. survey which was launched earlier this year by Universities Australia. Students across all study areas and based at all campuses have been invited to take part in the survey on sexual assault and harassment.

Griffith University urges anyone experiencing or witnessing violence, harassment or fear to report the incident.

A support structure is in place and available for anyone who needs to report an incident.

Students and staff can make a formal report to the university or Queensland Police Service, or by using the online Security Incident Report form.

Griffith continues to work actively with students and staff to improve the safety of student accommodation and its surrounds.

Raising awareness about personal security and potential associated issues is a key part of this process, and Griffith regularly updates guidelines and advice, especially where on-campus activity at night is concerned.

The use of Griffith’s Security escort service when working or studying at night is encouraged to ensure safe travel around the campus or to a car. Security can be contacted in advance to make arrangements and by phone at any time on 1800 800 707.

On-campus security is present around the clock and awareness campaigns are ongoing throughout the university.

The increased vulnerability of people who are unfamiliar with the campus is also a focus of the personal security guidelines.

Furthermore, Griffith Counselling provides free confidential, voluntary counselling and offers understanding and support in the event of personal problems or trauma.

The Griffith website includes a Respect page which focuses on the right to feel safe in the university environment and the services available.

What to do if you witness behaviour that endangers or undermines safety is outlined, with further information on the mutual obligations of students to ensure respect described in the Student Charter.

Respectful behaviour towards others in the university community applies equally to social media activity. Great care is encouraged when sharing personal information through social media.

Students and staff are encouraged to make time to watch video clips on staying safe and sexual consent.