Who’s a pretty pollie? Counting cockatoos for conservation

Architecture, construction and planning
Ever wanted to do your bit to contribute to the environment and threatened species research? Citizen science allows you to do just that. This coming Sunday, October 30, marks the seventh year of the Glossy Black-Cockatoo Birding Day, an initiative of the Glossy Black Conservancy. Griffith researchers say the initiative will help them better understand […]

Understanding the Rise of China through the Eyes of Chinese IR Scholars

Griffith Asia Institute
“We do not always agree with the Chinese perspective…But it is necessary to understand it, since China will play such a big role in the world that is emerging inthe twenty-first century.” Henry Kissinger (2011: VXI) Congratulations to GAI’s Associate Professor Kai He and Dr Huiyun Feng whose research project has been successful in gaining […]