For Bachelor of Contemporary and Applied Theatre student Lydia Sheldon, the chance to perform at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London was ‘a dream come true’.

The second-year student and avid Shakespeare fan participated in a summer school program in July/August 2016 where she performed as Lady Macbeth in a shortened version of Macbeth.

I’ve wanted to take part in the Globe Education Summer School for years, but this year was finally the right time for me to make the trip across the world to London,’’ she said.

“And I’m so glad I did! I’ve been a huge fan of Shakespeare since middle school — I’ve always loved the language of the plays.’’

“Being able to perform on the Globe stage was definitely a highlight. I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable in such a famous space, but you actually find yourself naturally looking around and making it your own.”

Shakespeare soliloquy

Lydia was also given the opportunity to perform a Shakespeare soliloquy of her choice.

“I guess you could say it was a ‘dream come true’,” she said.

“As Much Ado About Nothingis one of my favourite Shakespeare plays I decided to perform Beatrice’s soliloquy when she finds that Benedick is in love with her.”

During the two-week summer school, Lydia listened to lectures on Macbeth and the Globe from established actors including Colin Hurley (Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night 2013 starring Stephen Fry, Samuel Barnett and Mark Rylance).

“It was a fantastic experience to learn from actors who have performed in the Globe space and who know how it should be treated. We were told many times that the space demands respect and that it doesn’t like performers seeking attention or praise.

“Now a little wiser on Shakespeare’s text, I can safely say that what I have learnt from this Summer School will stay with me throughout my career in the industry.”