Get the Urban Squeeze from Griffith’s experts

Aerial photo of the Gold Coast, Queensland

Griffith University researchers are set to deliver the Gold Coast a weekly dose of all things urban.

Dubbed the ‘Urban Squeeze’, Dr Tony Matthews and Associate Professor Jason Byrne of Griffith’s School of Environment will feature on ABC Gold Coast’s Drive with Matt Webber to discuss anything to do with cities, housing, development and the environment.

The experts will sit down with Matt in a regular slot after 4pm starting this Thursday (August 18th) and share their wealth of knowledge on contemporary urban issues.

“This week’s discussion will be specifically on housing. It’s such an important issue and one that’s constantly in the news at the moment,” Dr Matthews says.

“We’ll answer questions and take calls. We could talk about housing all day!

“Each week we’ll have a different topic to focus on and we’ll have other guests on as we go along.”

Listen to Drive LIVEfrom 3-6pm:

Miss something? You can listen back to the past week’s programs here.