Students return from a study tour of a lifetime to Peru

Photo QoricanchaThree weeks traversing across Peru’s picturesque beach, desert and mountain landscapes as part of her study, was life-changing from Griffith student Elle Lord.

“It is amazing how when we travel we find ourselves in places, doing things we never usually would at home, spending time with incredible people we may never meet otherwise, we learn so much about the world, others and ourselves in these spaces,” she said.

Elle, along with 20 other Griffith students, recently returned from a study tour of Peru, led by Jorge Deusta from the Queensland College of Art (QCA), and Dr Andrew Munro, Spanish Language lecturer in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science (HLSS).

From 20 June – 11 July, the group explored Peru and all of it’s cultural offerings, meeting with a range of Peruvian peoples and communities – from inhabitants of Lima to descendants of Afro-Peruvian slaves to the women, men and children of a high Andean community. They then trekked across famed Peruvian landscapes, including experiencing the spectacular views of the Amazon forest from a 30-metre canopy tower.

Photo Huilloc 13 (1)The students were given this opportunity by studying one of two electives – Global Local Infield Project or Touring Cultures and represent a diverse
range of study areas, including film, photography, languages, education, journalism and environmental science. They first took part in a cultural development lecture series, and then embarked on their special international experience.

Dr Andrew Munro says the Peru Study Tour aims to enhance students’ intercultural and communicative competencies by extending their intercultural and communicative experiences.

“By allowing students to experience and engage critically in an immersive international experience, we aim to enable students to develop knowledge, insights and skills that will benefit them personally, academically and professionally” he says.

Photo Tambopata jungleThe trip has undoubtedly prompted a new outlook with the students, as well as an incredible collection of memories they will always treasure a forever.

“Leaving Lima and this country was almost like leaving another life and family behind,” said Gabbrielle Warren.

“I will take what I have learned and remember my life-changing time here.”

The next multidisciplinary Peru Study tour is planned for November to December in 2017.

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