Griffith University engineering graduate Adedayo Charis is on track for business success with an ingenious tracking device officially launched in July.

The iKON Tracker may be tiny in size but comes loaded with functions that Nigerian-born Adedayo says will end the frustrating “hide and seek” people endure when trying to find lost items.

Launched on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, the iKON Tracker can find everything from people to pets, keys to wallets, phones and other valuables — up to 10 items at one time within a search of range of 70 metres.

“The iKON Tracker is like a personal assistant that keeps track of what’s important, creating more free time in the lives of busy people,” says Adedayo, who graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) in 2015.

The iKON Tracker and mobile phone

The newly launched iKON Tracker

“Multi-functional and water-resistant, its range is the largest yet for a personal tracking device.

“A ringer and LED light make finding misplaced items quick and simple, even in the darkest and smallest spaces where they are lost.

“Plus it’s compact, portable and can be used on almost any item. You simply clip, hook or stick an iKON Tracker to any favourite item and know it will never get lost again.”

Adedayo’s entrepreneurial flair and ability with electronics hail from his time growing up in the Nigerian capital of Lagos.

Raised by his grandmother from the age of nine months to 18 years, Adedayo sold water and fruit in the streets to support his three sisters and grandmother.

Later he learned how to repair mobile phones and his interest in electronics technology expanded from there.

Eager to broaden his education through international experience, Adedayo arrived in Australia in 2011. Before joining Griffith, he completed a Diploma in Information Technology at Central Queensland University.

The iKON Tracker is his first major business project.

To prevent users from leaving the house or office without a certain item, the iKON Tracker reminds them with an alert.

Using state-of-the-art Geo-fencing technology, once the user moves past this virtual line the iKON Tracker app sends a notification to the user’s smartphone to remind them of what tagged item has been left behind.

If the phone itself is lost or left, clicking the iKON tag twice will start the phone ringing when in range.

“Furthermore, should a personal item with an iKON Tracker tag be stolen, the user can activate a “crowdFINDING” function that sends an alert to all other iKON users,” says Adedayo.

“If any iKON user comes within range of the stolen item, the app will send an alert about its whereabouts, along with its GPS location, to the owner.”

Other features include a selfie-assist button that syncs with smartphones to take selfies from a distance; and Bluetooth compatibility.

For more information or to pre-order, visit iKON Tracker