The link between physical activity and well-being is clear and daily exercise is considered part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle.

Now a Griffith University academic is investigating how exercise and involvement in sporting clubs affects university students’ levels of social and emotional wellbeing.

Dr Wayne Usher from the School of Education and Professional Studies, who is surveying university students from Griffith University, QUT, UQ and Curtin University, says it isn’t well known that university students are more likely to experience social and emotional health issues when compared to the general population.

“This can be due to the pressures of balancing the demands of study, work and family and often financial pressures,’’ he said.

“But we also know that regular physical activity and being involved in sporting clubs can help to improve students’ wellbeing.

“We want to measure their involvement in sporting clubs and their levels of physical activity as well as their sedentary behaviours and the impact of these on their wellbeing.

Study results will provide baseline data to help inform current and future policies, practices and infrastructure allocation.

The study will be endorsed by Headspace, an Australian Youth Mental Health Organisation.

Students can participate in the study onlinehere.