Bird bugs shed new light on malaria infection

Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security
A study into bird malaria could provide important clues about the causes of parasite co-infections in animals, including people. The Griffith University study investigated parasite interactions in wild birds and found they are a crucial indicator of malaria infection risk. The study Co-infections and environmental conditions drive the distributions of blood parasites in wild birds […]

Arts immersion wins Three Minute Thesis

Three Minute Thesis winner Susan Chapman.
Meet Susan Chapman: educator, researcher, singer, actor and now Griffith University Three Minute Thesis Challenge winner. The Education PhD candidate’s presentation “Arts Immersion: An exciting way forward in education’’ proposes a new way of classroom learning. “So many teachers are exhausted by an over-crowded curriculum,’’ she said. “They struggle to fit in so many things […]

Korpo learns to reconnect with her career

Returning to university study was an obvious choice for Korpo Kormon long after leaving a successful career in accounting in her Liberian homeland to emigrate to Australia. The energetic mother of four took on the challenge at a time when her family was growing. She had just given birth to twins and living a life […]

What’s hiding behind the trapdoor? Spiders, of course

PhD student Jeremy Wilsonew species of trapdoor spider.
Griffith Sciences
A Griffith University researcher has discovered several new species of trapdoor spider — and you’d never guess where. The mysteriously elusive creatures are hiding in most forests in Brisbane and are tucked away in national parks throughout the state. PhD student Jeremy Wilson recently returned from a mission with the Queensland Museum to collect new […]