Find out how you can become a Master at Griffith University’s Open Day in more ways than one.

Pokemon GoWhile you’re exploring your next career move, go hunting for Pokemon while on campus.
Griffith University will have Lures at three campuses — the Gold Coast, Nathan and South Bank — allday where Pokemon Go players can come Catch ‘Em All.

A Lure Module is a more sophisticated version of incense that attracts Pokemon to a particular PokeStopfor a period of 30 minutes. Not only is it more effective, but it also targets the PokeStop not just for theplayer, but all players interacting with the PokeStop during that period.

Griffith’s Red Zone Poke GymGriffith’s Red Zones at the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses are also Pokemon Go Gyms whereplayers can either battle or train and help defend the gym. And better yet, there’s free Wi-Fi to saveusers on data.

Lures will be active from 9am till 2pm so get to Griffith to get your masters (inPokemon Go).

Griffith's Red Zone Poke Gym

Griffith’s Red Zone Poke Gym