The boom in Chinese tourism around the world has become one of the most coveted segments of the travel industry.

The need for Australia to diversify tourism experiences in order attract this market has recently been discussed byGriffith Institute for Tourism Director Susanne Becken and Deputy Director Professor Noel Scott inan article published by The Conversation.

The article itself been covered, republished and cited by many media outlets examiningthe Chinese tourist boom.

It alsohighlights that while Chinese tourists are Australia’s largest visitor market, Australia only receives 1.5% of the Chinese outbound travellers.

Professor Becken and Professor Noel state that to succeed in attracting this market, Australia needs totake a more culturally sensitive approach rather than catchy advertising.

“As Chinese travellers become more independent, Australia has opportunities to entice a proportion of them ‘off the beaten track’ to engage with local culture and the environment as well as contributing to economic activities outside the main tourist centres.”

Read the full article in The Conversation.