Conference turns up temperature on climate change solutions

Griffith University climate change expert Brendan Mackey will speak at the World Science Festival Brisbane.

Health and welfare, tourism, conservation and food security are all on the agenda for the two-day Climate Change for Good Conference, which begins on Fridayat Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus.

Professor Brendan Mackey, smiling to camera, Director of the Griffith Climate Change Response Program
Professor Brendan Mackey, Director of the Griffith Climate Change Response Program

Conference organiser Professor Brendan Mackey, from the Griffith Climate Change Response Program, will be a keynote speaker at the event.

Professor Mackey says the timing is perfect for the conference, which will discuss how to mitigate and adapt to the global phenomenon.

“Until Malcolm Turnbull’s Government signed the Paris Agreement back in December, there was no clear direction for Australia,” said Professor Mackey.

“But that deal now signals that we are heading into a fossil-free energy future. We are also seeing the emergence of new technology that will enable that to happen.”

Prof Mackey believes it will be common in five years for mini-solar systems to power homes and to find electric cars parked in Gold Coast garages.

More expert speakers

  • Griffith University Professor Catherine Pickering, who is urging Gold Coasters to go head-to-head with climate change by growing more local plants in their backyards. Professor Pickering believes everyone can play a part in limiting the impact of climate change in their neighbourhoods.
  • Griffith University Sustainable Tourism Professor Susanne Becken, who is challenging the Gold Coast tourism industry to think beyond the next season and better the environment, to future-proof their businesses and improve their bottom lines. Professor Becken argues sustainable tourism is no longer about appealing to the “green tourist”, it is for everyone.

Key details

  • Climate Change for Good Conference, 1-2 July
  • G17 Lecture Theatre No.4, Griffith University, Gold Coast campus, Parklands Dr, Southport.
  • Queensland Environment and Heritage Protection Minister Dr Steven Miles to open from 8.45am-9.20am tomorrow (Friday), 1 July