Bachelor of Musical Theatre and Italian language student, Jenna Dearness, knows the importance of ‘the whole package’ when it comes to the international music industry.

Jenna is now set for the study experience of a lifetime, receiving the 2016 Pellegrino Scholarship, to travel to Florence, Italy for an intensive music program, in December.

“I’m very lucky to receive this opportunity to travel to Italy and be part of a truly incredible intensive music program that trains singers not only in technique and performance but also language and diction with world renowned coaches, teachers and facilities,” Ms Dearness said.

Cav. Stephen John Pellegrino (SP) gifted the scholarship in conjunction with the Consulate of Italy in Brisbane. Mr Pellegrino formally awarded Jenna the scholarship at a special celebration event for the 70th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Republic of Italy, on 2 June at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

Undertaking a unique mix of study programs, Jenna says that Italian is one of the leading languages needed for a career within classical music.

“To study a diploma of languages alongside my music studies at the Queensland Conservatorium is wonderful, as I am able to add that to my skills for my career and it cuts years off my study time.

“Opera is sung only in a small number of languages around the world, and with Italy being the birthplace of the genre, it is vital that not only my Italian language is correct, but also my diction when I sing, read or write classical music in Italian.

“This will be a truly incredible experience, to build my understanding of the culture, language, music, arts and passion of Italy.”

Jenna will graduate in 2017, and hopes to pursue further work and study in Europe and the United States, creating and performing music.