With a strong technology industry background, Associate Professor Mohan Thite’s research is global and heavily practice-focussed. We spent five minutes with Mohan to learn a little more about his work…

In what area/s does your current research interests lie?

My current research interests are strategic human resource management (HRM), HRM information systems, multinational corporations (MNCs) from emerging economies (particularly, Indian MNCs), HRM in South Asia, and the global mobility of talent via services offshoring and skilled migration.

What are you working on at the moment?

Any academic has to have many projects in the pipeline to ensure a steady and quality supply of research data, research funding and publication[!] Having just completed a major research project on Indian multinationals, I have submitted a research grant application on global talent management in collaboration with a US academic. I have also started a book project on e-HRM.

Are there ongoing or emerging trends in your field/s of research?

I have strategically focused on a few key research topics for maximum impact. My initial work on ‘leadership of technical professionals’ was based on my PhD study.

My first sole authored book, and subsequent work on global strategic HR, paved the way for linking my research with teaching and practice.

The third research cluster on interface between technology and HRM resulted in a world-class textbook on HR information systems and an edited book on the Indian call center industry.

My recent work on emerging Indian multinationals contributes to a growing body of literature on emerging economies. I am currently working on global mobility of talent exploring the contribution, challenges and prospects of skilled migration and services offshoring. …

Have there been major developments or key findings that have directed the trajectory of your research?

International business is today heavily influenced by emerging economies and offshoring. The field of HRM has become more strategic and technology-intensive. Talent management also is driven by global mobility of talent. All these trends have influenced the choice of my research topics.

Finally, are there challenges in your field/s in trying to bridge the gap between research, practice and policy?

Having come from an industry background, everything that I do is heavily practice-focused. … [As founding Editor of the] South Asian Journal of HRM, we have a practitioner perspective section. I also run an e-HRM network forum for Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). These linkages help tremendously in teaching, service to industry and research impact.