Starry campaign to end violence

Human Services and Education student Ashleigh Lowry is supporting the Million Stars campaign.
Human Services and Education student Ashleigh Lowry is supporting the Million Stars campaign.

By Ashleigh Groote, Griffith University Student Representative Council Support Officer

The One Million Stars to end Violence project is an important initiative that should be considered this Harmony Day.

Maryann Talia Pau’s goal to reach 1 Million stars by June 2017 is a symbolic reference of solidarity to end violence; violence against women, bullying and racism within our community.

Working on the Student Representative Council here at Logan campus has been an eye opener into the issues that face Griffith University students.

Logan campus has a particularly unique cohort. Thus it seems obvious that the SRC should become involved in this project. The aim is to spread Maryann’s message about violence across Australia and help explain the symbolism behind weaving stars.

The goal for Griffith University is to weave 10,000 stars by 2017. Students at Logan campus have been quick to get involved.

Human Services and Education student Ashleigh Lowry says: “The Million Stars project is a great way to educate young women about violence in a non-confrontational way. Sitting down with a group of like-minded people it a great way to connect with the community”

“To me, the stars are a symbol of our efforts to prevent violence in society. Even a single star is a major contribution. When brought together, a significant difference is made.”

It’s anticipated that the million stars project will also strike a personal chord with Griffith students. The community at Griffith University Logan campus has an80% female population. This is significant, as statistics repeatedly show that women are more likely to experience violence from a (known) male perpetrator.

Having been a victim of family violence at a young age I have found that weaving the stars is somewhat therapeutic. It is a way to reflect upon the experiences of violence and to engage in a supportive community in which not all hope is lost.

The SRC will be supporting and promoting the One Million Stars Project, hosting Star Weaving Jam sessions throughout the year. Students are invited to visit the SRC office to weave their own star for the project.