Crime research in conference spotlight

International and national researchers and policy-makers will gather in Brisbane for the third Applied Research in Crime and Justice Conference thisweek (February 18 & 19).

Hosted by the Griffith Criminology Institute and the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, the conference will showcase Australian and international research in the areas of policing, offender rehabilitation, situational crime prevention, corrections, early-intervention and criminal justice administration.

Griffith Criminology Institute Director Professor Ross Coomber said the conference will demonstrate how research can make a positive difference to those affected by crime and those who have to manage crime and criminality.

“From prisons and sentencing to protecting young people and victims, it will demonstrate how first-class research can be applied to real-life issues and help make Australia a safer and more just place for its communities.”

Keynote speakers

  • Todd Clear (Rutgers) The Great US Prison Experiment
  • Gloria Laycock (University College London) How to prevent crime — a message for policy makers, practitioners and academics
  • Belinda Lloyd (Monash) Mental health and AOD are core business in health, law enforcement and welfare: the role of big data, linkages and cross-sector approaches
  • Don Weatherburn (NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research) Decarceration in an Age of Zero Tolerance