New Editor-in-Chief in residence: Management History Journal

Professor Bradley Bowden

The ranks of Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing (WOW)-member academic journal Editors-in-Chief is growing, with Professor Bradley Bowden appointed to the helm of the Journal of Management History (JMH) from1 November, 2015.

JMH has been listed as an A-rated journal on the Australian Business Deans list for some years, putting it on a par with journals such as Journal of Industrial Relations and Labour History.

As part of the new direction being charted byProfessor Bowden for JMH, a new Editorial Team has been put together with five Associate Editors, all of whom have a high profile in the Management History Division of the Academy of Management (AoM). The five are: Professor Adela McMurray (RMIT University and Past Chair of the AoM’s International Committee), Professor Katja Rost (Professor of Sociology, University of Zurich and 2015 winner of the John F. Mee Award for Outstanding Contribution to Management History), Dr James Wilson (Adam Smith School of Business, Glasgow University and current Professional Development Chair for the MHD), Dr Andrew Cardow (Massey University, NZ) and Dr Wim Van Lent (Montpelier Business School, France).

Infuture, the JMH will be encouragingthe publication ofpapers that (a) have some quantitative component, such as analysis of statistical data, census, company trends and/ or surveys; (b) have a clear historical dimension; and (c) relates the specific circumstances being discussed to a wider context. In differentiating itself from theBusiness History and Business History Review journals,JMHwill alsolookathistorical dimensions to the employment relationship.

Professor Bowden encourages all WOW members and affiliates with such papers to consider publication in the Journal of Management History.

(JMHis managed bythe Emerald Publishing Group in England. This story wasauthored by Professor Bradley Bowden).