Griffith’s School of Nursing and Midwifery is celebrating following the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) 2015 results which rated its Nursing discipline a “5” for showing well above world standard research.

Compiled by the Australian Research Council, ERA rates research areas 1-5 based on their level of excellence, with 5 being the highest.

In the previous two ERAs, Nursing at Griffith University gained a “4” (above world standard) rating.

“This fantastic result is a clear demonstration of the high quality research that the school is undertaking,” says newly-appointed Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery Professor Debra Anderson.

She cites the work of Professor of Nursing, Claire Rickard, which looks at improving the experience for cancer patients undergoing treatment and which has received $1.1m in National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding.

“It is thanks to people such as this, and many more besides, that our School can provide clear examples of research which has a strong focus on optimising healthy outcomes within the wider community.”

Multiple campuses

Professor Anderson also highlights Griffith’s unique position with multiple campuses in South East Queensland.

“Particularly with midwifery for example, we are able to show strong research impacts across the health and wellbeing of a range of demographic groups including migrants, mothers and children and low socio-economic areas. It’s an exciting reach that we are able to take advantage of.

“ERA reflects all staff in a discipline,” adds Professor Anderson. “While we have many international research leaders, this significant achievement of moving from a “4” to a “5” reflects the important contributions of our mid and early career researchers.

“This result not only demonstrates our success but will stand us well in attracting quality students and building our reputation within the nursing and health arena, both nationally and internationally.

“On behalf of the professoriate, we would like to congratulate all staff, and in particular the early and mid career researchers, who have helped nursing achieve a “5”. It is a great recognition for all of us.”

Griffith’s research excellence has broadened dramatically with 98 per cent of outputs rated at world standard or better, according to the results released on December 4. For more