China awaits for worldly-wise scholar

Inez Botta-Stanwell is a New Colombo Plan Scholar.

Inez Botta-Stanwell is one step closer to pursuing a career focused on international law, diplomacy and sustainability.

The Law and Government and International Relations graduate will study in China next year following the award of a New Colombo Plan Scholarship.

She says the opportunity will allow her to learn more about the country and its culture.

“I am really interested in the growing importance of Asia and gaining knowledge through studying and undertaking an internship on how China aims to continue to grow sustainably and face various institutional challenges,” she says.

“I will be studying some courses that will allow me to learn more about the Chinese legal system and I’m hoping to complete two internships that focus on current socio-legal issues in China and how these issues are and can be addressed.

“I also plan to learn as much Mandarin as I can during my time in Beijing.”

Inez is one of six Griffith University students who have been awarded prestigious New Colombo Plan Scholarships to study at leading universities in Japan, Hong Kong and China. Worth up to $67,000 each, the scholarships aim to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia.

Inez on her first trip to China earlier this year.
Inez (second from right) on her first trip to China earlier this year.

Raised in Northern New South Wales, Inez says she has always been interested in the world at large.

“Since a young age my parents always encouraged me to think about the world as a whole and to focus on the importance of equality,” she says.

“I developed a strong interest in social justice and environmental issues in high school and this influenced my decision to study law, as I see it as a pathway to ensure all people are able to access equal rights.

“It also provides a system in which the environment can be better protected.”

She says her previous travel experiences have helped shape who she is today and fuelled her interest in international affairs.

“I was unsure what I wanted to study at university after high school, so I decided to move to Italy for four months in my gap year after learning Italian at school,” she explains.

“After this I traveled throughout Europe for four months, had an immersion experience in the Solomon Islands, and I engaged in a cultural and academic exchange in China for a couple of weeks last year.

Inez in Italy during her gap year.
Inez in Italy during her gap year.

“These international experiences really solidified my interest in international affairs and issues.”

Inez is currently in Colombia on a university exchange finishing her diploma of languages in Spanish and is enjoying “learning more about the transformation of Colombia after decades of internal conflict”.

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