POP Gallery presents a thousand interconnections

One of Sara Irannejad's works on show in A thousand interconnections

Iranian-born artist Sara Irannejad presents works across painting, pyrography, installation and video for A thousand interconnections.

The Doctor of Visual Art candidate at Queensland College of Art is exploring diasporic identity and mythology, with visual elements informed by Persian culture and personal experiences.

Juxtaposed with elements of Australian flora and historical artefacts, these works create a bridge of dialogue between her own life and a broader cultural awareness, highlighting the present and past, the traditional and contemporary and the local and introduced.

Sara says she left her home country of Iran in 2010, “in order to get away from the autocracy and censorship that has limited the art practitioners”.

She studied a Master of Studio Art at Boston’s School of Museum of Fine Art and in 2011 was granted anExceptional Artist scholarshipaward from this school.

In 2012, she chose Australia as her new home and has been living in Brisbane as a practicing visual artist and designer since then.

Her works offer new perspectives on identity by linking between profound aspects of Iranian culture and current conflicts in multicultural Australia.

A thousand interconnections
10 — 20 December, 2015
Official Opening: 6-8pm, Thursday 10 December
Pop Gallery, 27 Logan Road, Woolloongabba