The universe really is weird: a landmark quantum experiment has finally proved it so

Professor Howard Wiseman, Director of Griffith University's Centre for Quantum Dynamics
Centre for Quantum Dynamics
The following article by Professor Howard Wiseman, Director of Griffith University’s Centre for Quantum Mechanics, first appeared in The Conversation Only last year the world of physics celebrated the 50th anniversary of Bell’s theorem, a mathematical proof that certain predictions of quantum mechanics are incompatible with local causality. Local causality is a very natural scientific […]

Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture (Indonesia) visit Griffith University

Griffith Asia Institute
Last week, Indonesian representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture met with Griffith University leaders, researchers and RHD students to discuss the possibilities of strengthening cooperation between Indonesia and Australia in the fields of environmental science and food security. Professor Russell Trood (Director, Griffith Asia Institute) extended a warm welcome to the delegation and introduced Griffith […]