Mature-age student finds new direction

Former panelbeater Peter Nash is enjoying university study.
Former panelbeater Peter Nash has found his creative niche with university study.

By Bachelor of Communications intern Carla Baker

It’s never too late to begin a tertiary journey and change your life.

Mature-aged student, Peter Nash knows this firsthand. In his second year of a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Creative Writing, the over 55-year-old is relishing his time at university.

Before embarking on his study, Peter worked for many years as a panel beater, building hot rods and custom cars.

“This really is a second chance for me. I decided to go to uni and finally do what I’ve always wanted to do. Griffith was the right choice,’’ he said.

Enjoying university life, Peter has developed a sense of belonging among his peers.

“I gradually found myself becoming part of the student community, and a real camaraderie has been formed.

“I love the tutorials — and find the discussions really inspirational. You don’t get the opportunity to sit for two hours, and discuss interesting theories and ideas, with input from 20 other people, anywhere else.”

Peter Nash.
Peter Nash.

Following his undergraduate degree, Peter wants to continue his university journey and encourage others to understand the importance of the written word.

“I intend to keep studying! Ultimately, at some stage in the future I’d love to be in a position where I can inspire people about the importance of studying creative writing and literature.”

He encourages other mature-aged students to consider the possibility of undertaking a university degree.

“I would say go for it, dive into it and do it! Definitely don’t hesitate; just be prepared for a significant change.”

The School of Humanities has a range ofcreative writing courseswithin the Bachelor of Arts.