Griffith opens its doors for Gold Coast Open House

The Griffith University Health Centre and the Griffith Business School are just two of the exciting buildings to be featured as part of the Gold Coast City’s inaugural Open House event (Sat 17 October).

Unlocking the doors of quirky, interesting and significant buildings and inviting Gold Coasters to take a behind-the-scenes tour of private places not typically available for public access, Open House will provide a snapshot of the future of urban design on the Gold Coast as well as a journey into the past, with a collection of both contemporary and historic architecture open to the public.

Twenty five sites will offerguided and self-guided tours, children’s activities and other special events throughout the day.

This unprecedented access will enable Gold Coasters todeepentheirunderstanding of the importance of architecture and urban design in creatinga more vibrant civic life, and opena citywide conversation about building a better Gold Coast.

Featuring on the Open House list alongside other buildings including the former Southport Town Hall and St Hilda’s School, the $150 million Griffith Health Centre — opened in 2013 – represents the University’s largest investment in a single building in its 40-year history.

Within this facility, Griffith bases its schools of medicine, dentistry and oral health, and psychology, and provides facilities to support teaching and research in anatomy, social work, and nutrition and dietetics.

By co-locating health students from across different programs together in the one facility, Griffith is able to bring together teams of students and staff from different areas of health to work together to solve complex problems and prepare to take on challenging healthcare issues.

Director of Allied Health Clinics Dr Richard Newsham-West says the Open House is a great opportunity for the public to come and see multi-disciplinary healthcare in action on the Gold Coast.

“The Griffith Health Centre showcases a place where a research intensive environment meets high quality clinical practice and technological innovation.

“This is also a great chance for the public to come and see the wide range of clinic services we offer which encompass dentistry and oral health, physiotherapy and active health, psychology, nutrition and dietetics.”

Meanwhile, the$38 million Griffith Business School building provides world-leading facilities for business education, research and industry collaboration, with the seven-storey facility also a hub for 4500 business students on the Coast.

Among its key features are the Dr Margaret Mittelheuser Trading Room, an MBA executive teaching suite, a student collaboration zone, public lecture spaces and international conferencing facilities.
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