When you type “pharmacology” into seek.com.au, you’ll find over 1600 related jobs. And that’s just the estimated 25% that are advertised.

Here’s your opportunity to turn the pharmacy boom into a successful career with the new Bachelor of Pharmacology and Toxicology from Griffith University.

This cutting-edge degree has been developed to give you the specific knowledge and skills to meet demand in the exciting world of biotechnology and drug discovery.

You’ll develop a deep knowledge of how chemicals interact with biological systems, how drugs and poisons work, and how to develop new medicines.

It’s a hands-on experience, with state-of-the-art formulation, pharmacology and analytical laboratories giving you the opportunity to work in professional standard facilities while you learn.

Beyond biotech, the three-year degree also allows you to specialise for a career as a pharmaceutical sales representative, clinical trials monitor or environmental scientist.

With the pharmacology industry slated for continued international growth, now’s the time to turn the skills shortage into a career advantage. Griffith University, when you know more, you can do more.

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