Art + Science + Teeth. It’s a unique combination, but it’s exactly what you’ll study in a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Technology at Griffith University.

Dental Technicians are the creatives of the health world, designing and crafting custom-made devices that restore colour, form and function to the mouth and surrounding facial areas.

Whether retainer, crown, bridge, dentures or mouthguard — there’s a dental technician working behind the scenes to create it, using digital technology alongside handcrafted skills.

It’s a truly hands-on profession, which is why at Griffith, you’ll experience work placements throughout your degree, and see the devices you create make a difference to real patients.

You’ll study in world-class dental facilities in the $150 million Griffith Health Centre and develop knowledge of dental sciences, plus skills in 3D computer-generated design, manufacturing, and traditional wax sculpting techniques.

With an expected OP10 entry requirement (2015 cut-off) the degree is also a gateway to the wider dental profession, with pathways to other specialised clinical degrees.

Now’s the time to study Australia’s first dental technology degree, because at Griffith University, when you know more, you can do more.

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